Pulse Flex 2i will not connect to 2.4Ghz network




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    Hi Justin

    The Purple LED is your Hot Spot timing out after 15 minutes as required for security reasons. 

    As for you not connecting on the 2.4Ghz band; it's your router firmware settings. Are you using band spanning or band steering (both 2.4 and 5 networks have the same SSID or network name?).

    If so, not all network routers handle band spanning properly as it is still relatively new and not standardised. Try disabling band steering and give the two frequencies different SSIDs.

    If that does not work, drop us a note at support@bluesound.com and we can help troubleshoot further...



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    Hi Tony - thanks for the reply. The purple LED was coming on immediately, not after 15 minutes. I'm aware of why it was coming on though.

    My network is broadcasting separate SSIDs for the two bands. I played around with the channels of the 2Ghz band and finally got the speaker to recognise it, but there's definitely something wrong with at least one of them - massive issues with syncing regardless of which music source I tried to use. I suspect one (or both) are faulty. I have logged a support ticket with Bluesound following advice from the dealer - thanks for your reply though!

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