Devices disappeared from Spotify Connect




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Florian

    Selecting Help, Send Support Request automatically sends us the log file when you reach out to the Support Crew. That being said, we have seen this in a recent update from Spotify. 

    Try killing and relaunching the Spotify App. No need to uninstall it. If you do not know how to kill an app, restart your phone or tablet.

    We are working with Spotify to resolve.

  • Florian Weyandt

    Seems I cannot include it, as its too long. Do you have a mailadress and a reference subject, so I can send it to you? An upload Button would be really nice here :)

  • Florian Weyandt

    Hi Tony,

    thanks for the response. It did not seem to be an app-side issue. I restarted the Spotify-client on my Macbook. That did not help. Rebooting the Node2 did the trick. So in case you're still interested in the logs I can send them to you somewhere. Otherwise I'll do it from the Device itself, if it happens again :)



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