Not seeing music folder on my Vault One




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    Hi Gary

    I have escalated your issue. We will be in touch via e-mail.

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    Gary B. Freidman

    I tried rebooting the VaultOne, but the LED shows solid red which the manual indicates that the unit cannot boot - Any suggestions?

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    Jay Biskupski

    A sign that the Vaults we all purchased a few years ago are starting to fail in droves!  My Vault 2 drive failed, and now I'm trying out how to restore my music to a "real" storage location, since my vault appears to be an expensive boat anchor now, with no real support from BlueSound. 

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  • Hi Jay

    Thank you for your feedback. I am familiar with both cases and they were very different. I do understand you had an issue with your VAULT storage and we tried to resolve the issue but in your particular case there appeared to be a hardware failure. We do realise you were a couple of years past your warranty but did discuss options including a trade in option.

    There is always risk involved with any data storage system (including laptops, phones, NAS devices) why the Bluesound VAULT includes a backup utility in the settings menu. 

    All that being said, if you are still interested in trading in, please e-mail us back at or our Canadian Sales Team info we sent as our offer still stands.

    Best regards,


    Anthony Williamson
    Product Support Manager – Lenbrook International
    Bluesound NAD Electronics PSB Speakers


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