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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Are all 3 albums in the same sub-folder?

    • Please place each of the 3 albums in their own sub-folder.
    • In each sub-folder, place the corrected album artwork as a file called cover.jpg
    • Select Rebuild Index

    If the problem persists, please select Help, Send Support Request and we can troubleshoot further.

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  • Simon Long

    OK, I've done some testing.

    I removed all the network shares from my system and just created one single shared folder, with three sub-folders, one for each version of the album. Each folder contained a single "cover.jpg" file.

    With the files tagged as described above, I got cover art shown for 2) and 3), but none for 1).

    I then tried an experiment, and changed the name of the album in the tags on the files in 1) from "Scratch My Back" to "Scratch My Back1", and then rebuilt the index - the artwork for all three albums immediately showed up. I changed the album name back to "Scratch My Back" and reindexed again, and the artwork for 1) immediately disappeared. This is repeatable.

    Then, as another experiment, I copied the artwork file from 1) into 3) - this meant that all 3 directories contained the same "cover.jpg" file - on reindexing, this resulted in 1) and 2) correctly displaying artwork, but no artwork being found for 3).

    From the above, it looks as if the problem is having two albums with identical Artist and Album fields, but different Album Artist.

    My guess would be that the indexing process finds the first directory with Artist = Peter Gabriel and Album = Scratch My Back, notes that it has Album Artist set to whichever one it finds first, and then stores that piece of artwork. But when it then finds the second directory, it notes that Artist = Peter Gabriel and Album = Scratch My Back, and thinks it already has artwork for that combination, so doesn't store it again.

    Then, on browsing, art is looked up against all three fields, but the Album Artist doesn't match for one of the albums, so no art is found.

    It's something like that, anyway!




  • If the problem persists, please select Help, Send Support Request and we can troubleshoot further.

  • Simon Long

    I have diagnosed the problem; I have described a trivial test case which can easily be repeated by your engineers, and I have come up with a likely hypothesis for where the software is going wrong. I'm not sure what clicking a button in the controller is going to add to the detailed description I have given above, and I'm not about to try typing it all in again on an Android on-screen keyboard.

    The information above should be more than adequate to repeat, diagnose and fix the problem!

  • Hi Simon

    By selecting Help, Send Support request we will receive a system log file that will help our engineering team further.

    Thanks for understanding...




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