Vault Backup Drive specifications and recommendations




  • Official comment

    The VAULT will supply up to 1.0 amp of power via USB so depends on the drive if it has enough power or not.

    During the backup, the VAULT will reformat the drive (as ext4 - so can't be read from Windows or Macs generally) and perform a backup. Encrypted drives are reformatted so encryption is lost (like the data that was previously on it).

  • david levinthal

    does the backup drive have to be 2TB? I have ripped over 110CDs and only used 34.3GB. Could I backup the CDs on the vault to a 64GB USB thumb drive?  Can the backup drive be understood by a linux laptop/dekstop (say ubuntu 16.04.5)

  • Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi David

    It must be a USB drive at least 2TBs in size. Your music and peace of mind is worth it...

  • Cdelecroix

    HI,  i used a sandisk SSD external card for the vault backup and now i want to use that 2 teras SSD to store music on my computer. And the SSD is invisible on explorer so i can't format it , i even tried SSD formatter and it is also invisible. So can you tell me how i can format my SSD for windows - many thanks - chris

  • Sam R.

    Hello Chris, 

    When using the in-app backup, the drive backed up to will be formatted in EXT4.

    If you wish to use the back up drive for multiple purposes, we recommend that, instead of using the BluOS app backup, you access the VAULT's drive directly and copy-paste the songs onto your drive. This will allow you to connect this external drive to any computer to have access to your library and allow you to restore your library to the Vault over your computer should you have any need to.

  • Cdelecroix

    thanks for the answer, but i don't want to use the SSD for backup. I just need to format this EXT4 format to the windows format. I tried with explorer and others softwares but the SSD is always invisible - thanks to find a solution, this SSD was working before i used it with the vault and it costs more than 200 euros so i need it working - thanks


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