Project pre box s2 digital dac/preamp?




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    Hi Jeffrey

    If you wish to use a third party DAC, the NODE's onboard DAC can be bypassed using the COAX or Optical out to your DAC. It looks like that DAC does not support MQA so you will be limited to a single unfold up to 24/96 quality.

  • Roman Benvenuti

    This DAC does support MQA but is not working with my Bluesound Node 2.




  • If that is the case, in Audio Settings, set MQA External DAC to on (Right position and it will light blue) for the full MQA experience.

    If problems persist, please select Help, Send Support Request and we may review your log file and help troubleshoot better.


  • Roman Benvenuti

    I have done this, still no MQA output to the DAC

  • As suggested, send us the log Roman... we will be in touch...

  • Steve Pomichowski

    Hi Roman & Tony.

    I'm new to Bluesound.

    Were you ever able to get the Project DAC to work with the Node2i? I just purchased the Node2i.

    I have the Pre Box S2 Digital. I was using it with my Mac and MQA was always displayed when present. I tried all of the settings you have both described here but no luck.Tried coax and Toslink.

    I just wanted to compare the Bluesound internal DAC to the Project DAC since I have it.

    Thank You


  • Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Steve

    Glad to hear Wes helped you out on on this on a different thread.;


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