Nodi 2i Steam Timed Out Message




  • Official comment

    Hi Ronald

    Streamed MP3 content you are looking at about 2-2.5 Mbps throughput. If you are using TIDAL or a loseless system you will want 5> greater. Those are per player. When trouble shooting download throughput look at something like to see what you are actually getting.


  • david ellis

    Hi Ronald don't know if your still having problems. my amazon keeps timing out and I have got super fast speeds. I am trying to resolve this with the bluesound crew. So will post if we put this right. DAVE.

  • david ellis

    Forgot to mention that spotify and tidal work well . Just amazon.

  • Hi David

    What you are seeing is not network related regarding speed or throughput, but more due to location... work with the Support Crew but they may recommend tweaking your DNS Server settings in your router...

  • Ronaldhowlett

    Everything is good now.  Thank you so much for all your help.  


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