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  • Official comment

    Hi Frans

    Thanks for the feedback. I will pass it along but we have found that a number of indexing issues consumer report are caused by third party tagging systems with custom tags that are not to ID3 industry standards. As a result indexing systems are unsure what to do with this data, often because the custom tags affect other industry standard ones. 

    I think you are better with Playlists and Favourites if made with a naming convention that works for you. I do see how Playlists can be bloated as there is still this carry over that Consumers are making Playlists for complete CDs which is really not necessary if browsing through Album view.

  • Frans R

    Can't the custom tagging remain within the BluOs database/index?

    Concerning the album playlists: I am considering removing them all, because as you mentioned, I never use them. But your other comment is valid here too: maybe when changing to a new system in the far future, I might need them. So what to do :-). Better leave everything standard.


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