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    Hi Tord

    The decision is yours but we have resolved all known issues regarding inter-operations between the BluOS MDC and the NAD C368/388 via the public release of both devices' current firmwares. These are automatically installed as part of the setup process so feel free to buy with confidence the setup that fits your ears, your needs and your budget.

  • Tord Håvardstun

    Thanks for the quick response!

    Ok, that means that the issues where Spotify started by itself etc is no longer a problem?

    What about Airplay2, is that also fixed in the current firmware? It has been said for a very long time that the Mdc module will support Airplay2, but nothing seems to happen..Or do I have to wait for a completely new Bluos module for this?

    One more question if I may :)

    With the Blueos module installed, can all family members use it? If they have the app innstallled on their devices? Or is it limited to one user? ( Pardon my ignorance..)

  • Hi Tord

    The currently shipping BluOS MDC 2i has all the requirements for AirPlay 2 Support. We are working with Apple to release very soon but you will not need a new module. 

    The issue with players coming out of stand by technically also affected the NODE. Players did not play, they just woke up from stand by. This issue we have replicated and resolved and will be sent out in our pending software release before the end of the month.

    Anyone on the same network as a BluOS Player with the BluOS App installed can enjoy. For example, I can easily control my POWERNODE in the Living Room while my daughter has a PULSE in her bedroom. When I leave to go out, she can then move her music to the Living Room.

  • Me Van II

    I found this issue via a search for 'c368.' I'm having similar dilemma as Tord. I'm evaluating the c368 (with the MDC Bluos module) and have found that spotify will timeout at the 20 minute mark while a stream is active. In my tests I've found that if I initiate a stream via Roon first, then start Spotify this timeout will not occur. My reports to support resulted in a suggestion to disable standby. While that's a functional workaround customers shouldn't be expected to use this for very long. 

    My question(s) here are:

    1) How long has this been an issue?

    2) Does it have a priority in terms of getting a fix?

    3) What's the frequency of your release cycle? 

  • Hi Me Van

    The issue you describe sounds like one we resolved a few months back. Please visit the product page of the NAD C368 at and ensure you are on the latest chassis firmware. If you are having issues, drop our friends a note at for help. I am having a hard time locating your Support Request using the account you posted here so cannot elaborate on what our Support Crew told you but our high level explanation is this;

    All issues identified are sent to QA for replication - once confirmed sent to Engineering to resolve. Some issues do take longer than others to resolve but we have 3 to 4 major releases a year and will perform periodic maintenance releases to resolve urgent or priority issues. 

  • Me Van II

    Still not resolved. 

  • Stefan D.

    Are there still issues with C368 + BluOS streaming or would C700 be a better choice?

    Any NAD users have SiriusXM?


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