Chord Qutest DAC With Node 2




  • Official comment

    This is why we say let your ears decide. The NODE 2 and 2i Burr Brown is a quality DAC and many do feel it punches above its weight in performance. If you are satisfied, then trade the DAC in for a couple of PULSE MINIs and learn how cool multitoom can be.

  • Djmeerloo

    Thank you Tony for your speedy reply.

    I have not bought the DAC yet (thank goodness), I only demoed it. And as I said, I could not hear any difference in sound quality so will not be buying it.


    Thanks again for your kind help.

  • Matsletten


    I actually bought the chord Qutest DAC to use in between my vault 2i and amp, and heard a significant difference. The issue I had initially was with how I had connected the chord dac as I also didn't hear any difference at first. I was using the usb b input on my dac to usb (but that doesn't work with the vault 2i), so I had to switch it to an optical analog and then heard the difference. The chord is an expensive dac, but I've found it very worthwhile. And the Qutest might be on sale now since it's no longer in production. However, the bluesound DAC is very capable. 

  • herve.schweitzer

    Hi Matsletten,

        I don't understand your proposal to switch to the optical analog output. Because when you go out from the NODE2 streamer  into the Chord Qutest DAC, you have a numeric signal and not an analog one ?



  • Joeguth

    Will the Qutest function as an asynchronous DAC when connected to the Node2 via coax or optical?  Or will it function asynchronously only if connected through USB, which the Node2 cannot do?

    Also, does the Node2 internal DAC function asynchronously? I have not been able to find this out.

    But if people using external DACs, even very good ones, are having mixed results, is it possible this is because they are giving up asynchronous DAC function?

    Thanks all!



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