2.1 or 6.1 configuration? Second subwoofer?




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    Hi Jason

    The second grouping you mentioned of a SOUNDBAR (2i), SUB and 2 FLEX (2i) is currently quite easy to setup using the Fixed Group Wizard as a Home Theatre Group.

    If you would like to have a 2.1 system with 2 FLEX (2i) and a SUB, you will require a Bluesound RT100 wireless sub link for one of the FLEXes. Your Authorised Bluesound Delaer can help you out here...

    We currently do not support x.2 systems but are looking to improve Home Theatre Grouping to more models in the near future...

  • Jason Wolford

    Thanks for the reply, Tony. I was multitasking when I posted last night and incorrectly typed my question about a surround setup. I've edited my original post. I meant to ask about a 6.1 surrounds setup (Soundbar 2i + 4 Flex 2i + Pulse Sub) and if and when that might be possible, as many movies and games are available in 7.1.

    Good to know I can do the 2.1 setup after all. I thought it might be possible with the RT 100, but it was not clear (to me) from the product page, and I don't see a manual online. Would I need 2 RT100 to function as send/recieve? And I assume I use the headphone out of the Flex 2i?


    Thanks again.

  • RT100 functionality is built into both the SOUNDBAR and PULSE SUB.

    If you have a FLEX and a PULSE SUB you will only need a RT100. If you have a third party sub you will need two...

    We are looking to expand the Bluesound Home Theatre experience for multiple configurations (such as a 7.1) and models but don't have a time frame on that.

    If however a 7.1 system is important to you, May I suggest that our good friends at NAD Electronics has some fantastic products in this space such as the T777v3 or T758 or even the Master Series M17v2 - these products also include BluOS firmware so can experience all the advantages of Bluesound Streaming.

  • Jason Wolford

    Thanks for the details on the sub in a 2.1 configuration.

    I do hope new surround options are in Bluesound's future. I'd prefer not to add hardware if I can avoid it, adding a few more Flex 2is and setting it up through iOS or desktop would be my preference. But it's good to know there are options like the NAD models you mentioned.

  • iano

    No timeframe on the 7.1 is understandable  ( unless you want beta testers who will live with things not being fully ready :)  ), but even a heads up as to what you are considering would be appreciated.

    Here is one vote to have a config that uses the Soundbar as a centre and then allows another group to be added as the fronts.  Either a node or a pair of Pulse 2i for L and R.

    My dream has been to get to 5.1 . Have the soundbar 2i as the only sound from the TV for just watching the news etc, but being able to switch from the soundbar 2i doing it all to just being the centre and using sub connected to Soundbar, two flex 2i (or even pulse mini 2i ) for rear, and  two pulse 2i for L and R for material that warrants firing up more speakers.   Going to 7.1 is of course even better.  It would be great to hear the speakers you are considering for the mix

  • Andre

    We're now a year further.

    Is this fixed, or do I still need to order an extra device (RT100) to connect a sub to a Flex 2i or a Pulse Mini 2i?

  • Wesley P.

    Hello Andre,

    Only the Pulse Soundbar and Pulse Soundbar 2i are designed to wirelessly connect to the Pulse Sub. For all other Bluesound players (including the Pulse Flex 2i and Pulse Mini 2i) will require a RT100 to connect wirelessly.

    Wesley P.

  • Jason Wolford

    I want to bump this thread as I think about it daily.

    I like the sound of my Bluesound speakers. But hate that I am limited to 4.1 for movies and games. I'd also love to do away with the Soundbar, and replace it with 3 Flex 2is.

    If I were to invest in something like the mentioned NAD units, I assume the the NAD would handle all of the grouping? It seems this would also allow me to also get around the lack of group presets in the BluOS? So if I wanted to change my grouped speakers from "theater mode" to "4 channel stereo" mode I could perhaps use zone presets on the preamp to do this?

    Thanks in advance.




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