• Official comment

    Hi Jeffrey

    We are going to need some more details here and would like to see your Player's log file. To do that, please select Help, Send Support Request in the App and a log file will be automatically submitted with your request.


  • Mark Trimmer

    Hi Tony,

    I would like to report exactly the same problem with the Node2i that I am trialling from Sevenoaks Sound & Vision. I can confirm that it has nothing to do with the JBL headphones that I have borrowed for my trial as I get the same stuttering if I use Bluetooth to connect to my BOSE portable speaker. I only really wanted to listen to my vinyl on headphones through the 2i, so if the stuttering can't be resolved I will return the unit - has any progress been made in the last month?

    many thanks,


  • Hi Mark

    Try it again on Wednesday, then if problem persists, send us a support request.

    (wait... did Tony just suggest a new release may be coming out...?)

  • Mark Trimmer

    It works - cheers! Jazz on vinyl and no more sh@te TV!


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