Continue last track and position after using the Bluetooth for a moment




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    Hi Steven

    Thanks for the feedback, but it's not that simple. Bluetooth is a source just like any other such as a TV connected externally or a radio service such as TuneIn. It is a music stream that has to be decoded and processed. Technically on demand content in a Play Queue is a series of multiple streams as we cannot guarantee the next song is the same bit rate as the current one.

    The file is just being processed and the codec is outputting what it deciphers. When you switch sources, the current file processing stops and a new file (the new source is processed). When you switch back, the players cannot start processing where the left off, they have to begin processing the file a new. 

    So you ask then why can I pause the music, walk away, come back the next day and unpause it. Because, it never switched what file it was processing. 

    I will pass along your feedback but it may not even be possible.

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    Steven Schot


    Thanks for the explanation, this is helping understanding what is happening. 

    That it is due to different bit streams and decoding not a matter of only switching back, I can understand. But maybe there is a possibility to add a "flag". 

    The node can restart processing and decoding as new, but only "steps" to the flag position, so for the user it seems to be it is continuing........

    Looking forward to any further news about this topic.

    Regards Steven

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