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    Hi Richard

    I think you did answer your own question as my general response to these questions (which are more subjective than people realise...) is; "What do your ears tell you?"

    Try it both ways or even hybrids of the two and see what sounds best to your ears. I will say many of our consumers are impressed how the NODE 2i (like the Node and NODE 2 before it) continues to 'punch above it's weight class' when what they hear is not what the expected.

    Try it out and go with what works for YOU.

  • Richard Gray

    Got the 2i set up now, lovely looking bit of kit and looks right at home next to an Xbox One S also in white!! :)

    Using the Airplay plug-in to the Logitech Media Server, meant I could have both the SBT and the 2i sync'd perfectly - and therefore able to toggle between Aux1/2 on the amp for a direct comparison.
    I will just hand victory to the 2i, far closer than I thought but then the SBT always punched above its weight too - and I'll fully concede I'm not an experienced or well ear'd listener! But it just seems to have that slight more clarity to vocal presentation, which is certainly good for the music I listen to. I'm sure more time spent (i.e more than 20mins) would unearth more differences but I'm happy it's better and thus job done :)

    BluOS rocks too, awesome interface and then having Amazon Music now on my main system is a great as I use that to find new artists and then get the CD (Amazon iirc streams a VBR I believe around 320kpbs max).

    I did have a slight issue with the 2i initially, volume was very very quiet despite being set to fixed output - i.e ~15dB more on the amp was needed to match the SBT. So I thought I would turn off fixed output and try the variable volume and that was louder, I then reset back to fixed volume output and it has maintained the correct loudness thankfully.
    If I had to hazard a guess, it was because the very first thing I did was set to fixed volume before even playing a track or adjusting the app volume - so perhaps it 'set' into the fixed volume whatever lower volume was set at the time?? Either way it's fine now and was once sorted equal in level to the SBT when I was toggling the inputs.

    Now it's time to get it cabled up neatly and hopefully many happy years listening! :)

  • Richard Gray

    Thanks Tony, I will assume then I haven't made an error in my assumptions and that I will need to either have the 2i do all the pre-amp/volume control via BluOS, or none at all and ensure the sub is connected to the amp (I will need to buy another long RCA but no biggy!).

    Yes I am very much hoping the 2i sounds great, I had a NAD C368 (for all of 3 days before it played up!) and the DAC I seem to recall is a very similar chip to that of the 2i? Using the onboard DAC of the NAD certainly improved things over the SBT's own DAC - so that bodes well for the 2i when it arrives :)

    I thought BluOS (which I had via the MDC) was so good I've not hesitated to replace that side of things with the 2i :)


  • I had a NAD C368 (for all of 3 days before it played up!)

    WaitWHAT? I do hope you told our good friends down the hall about this at

  • Richard Gray

    I've had excellent service from the retailer (Sevenoaks) so they will undoubtedly be doing what's required their end. My awareness of the NAD actually stemmed from the Bluesound integration anyway, as my original plan was the 2i/Audiolab combo - but took a punt on the NAD given it should be comparable, and a 1 box solution was appealing too.

    I suffered 2 occasions where the amp seemed to trigger a relay whilst I was listening and the audio stopped - source input was still set on the MDC and BluOS still showed audio as streaming....very odd and really a minor annoyance. To sort that I needed to cycle the the input away from the MDC and back to it, and then I guess the fact you came off the MDC BluOS would at that point stop playing so you just then need to resume.

    However, the actual what I would call a proper physical issue and reason for return was after a couple of hours moderate volume use, the sound dipped right away and turning it up just caused crackling from the speakers! The problem persisted after powering the unit off/on. However the next morning after several hours playback - and louder too - it didn't occur. You'd think maybe a heat issue, but it was barley warm really.

    Frankly the 2 things together meant I wasn't happy to accept either a repair or replacement and have gone with my original plan: 2i + Audiolab. It's more expensive but listening to the Audiolab already I'm convinced it's the right decision, the 2i will only improve things when it gets here so fingers crossed that's all going to be 100%! :)

  • Thanks for filling me in and glad our excellent partner, SevenOaks Sound and Vision, were able to take care of you. I am sorry to hear (for selfish reasons) you went with the Audiolab but as I stated earlier, you have to do what's right for your ears.

    As for the issue you did see on the NAD C368, I do admit we have had that issue reported (even on this very board) and it is something that NAD Electronics has been able to reproduce and looking to resolve it as quickly as possible. This one has been a little bit slippery to nail down unfortunately.

    Thank you for your honesty.

  • Passing your feed back re fixed volume out of the box to QA to see if they can replicate and if necessary resolve in the future.

    Other than that thanks for the kinds words.


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