Help! Powernode Lost all services




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    Hi Trevor

    If you are connected to the network again, we will need to see the log file. Please select Help, Send Support Request and it will be automatically attached. If not, please e-mail us your contact info at and we will take a look.


  • Trevor Harvey

    Ok got Tunein back - using the windows desktop app. 

    Still cannot get Amazon music back, shows no content on the menu, if I try to re- add it ny first logging out and then logging in again I get the message below pop on a web browser:


    Oops - invalid authorization state!

    Please wait...

  • Trevor Harvey

    OK got it back - after about 6 or 7 attempts, loggin out and re-authenticating my amazon music unlimited account.

    During this process it repeatedly advised there was no content available on amazon music.


    Finally I found a a recently played list under "my playlists" with a broken pic link on it and tracks I knew were on AM.

    Tried playing a track from that list and yes - it works!


    Go back and suddenly Amazon music is a valid service again with content!.

    Come out go in and its all gone again!

    Try the same thing 1 more time and now it works.

    Back to my Android mobile app and still no services. 

    This was fixed with an uninstall and re-install.

    Last time I reset, until that alarm starts up....


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