Wrong cover displayed bu BluOS




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    You have a mismatch with an external and embedded artwork file. Please check out this Help Centre Article; https://support1.bluesound.com/hc/en-us/articles/200271926


  • Michaël Delafontaine

    I'm sorry I meant "under" and not "above". The pictures at the bottom of the screenshot is not good (Tosca) mais the ones at the left are the good one (Bach).

  • Michaël Delafontaine


    thanks. Your last reply was more clear ! I understand that the BluOs NEEDS to have some metadatas in the files otherwise it can not classify the music, and even not consider a jpg even if it's in the right place. It makes sense ...

    As a conclusion I would precise that most of the converters put in the metadata's name of the file the name ONLY ... without the track number !! That causes a big issue with the order of play ... That's why I started to extract music without any metadatas ... The only solution I've found is now to continue it my way and to add few metadatas afterwards (with mp3tag to be precise ...) but I do not fill the field "name" to avoid any problem ...

    Thanks again !

    Michaël D.

  • Michaël Delafontaine

    Are you sure ? 

    1) Please watch my new screenshot : the picture embedded IS correct.
    2) Then why the pictures on the left would be OK and the one above not ? (second screenshot above)

    N.B. The wrong picture changes everytime that I re-index the entire library ...



  • Michaël Delafontaine

    Hello BluOS staff and users,

    after few tries, I found something interesting (and a kind of solution ...) and I have the proof that there's a small bug in the BluOS app :

    as you can see in my new screenshots, the problem precisely occurs when the metadatas "Artist" and/or "album" (I haven't try yet which precisely needs to be filled) is empty ! When I fill them then (with anything I guess) the cover displayed is the good one ! If not the cover is completly wrong (the reader takes it somewhere else in the folders ...).

    Thanks a lot if you can fix it because I would like avoid to fill every metadates of my 8000 music files :-/

    Here the cover is the good one because metadatas are not empty :


    The file just behind in the list has empty metadatas :


    And then the cover is the wrong one : (THIS wrong cover appears for ANY file that I read among my thousands ...)

  • Michaël Delafontaine

    Update : if the metadata "artist" is filled with anything then the cover displayed is the good one (even if "album" is empty).


  • Hi Michael

    Thanks for the feedback but please follow the instructions I provided. If the problem persists after following the instructions, please select Help, Send Support Request so we may assist further.

  • Michaël Delafontaine

    Hi Tony,

    I DID read your instructions but as I tried to explain in my last examples and screenshots, there are precisely NO metadatas at all embedded in my music file where the error occurs ... It is what I discovered. If I put a single letter in "artist" or "album" then the cover that I put in the folder is corretly displayed. If the medadatas are completly empty, another cover (wrong one) is displayed. There are more precise examples in my last posts above.

    Bu the way I'm little by little filling the metadatas of my music files so the problem will slowly dissapear... :-/ But I continue to think that there is a small bug in the BlueOs app.


    I already asked for assistance too,

    Have a nice week,


  • Hi M.

    That's not a bug.

    That's the classic data processing issue of Garbage In = Garbage Out. We cannot properly or effectively create a database of your music if there is no Data in the content to Index.

    Please continue to resolve your Metadata issues.



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