Support ticket not replied to for 5 days, cd's being ejected without ripping




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    Wesley P.

    Hello Laura,

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you but I have just checked the status of your ticket and it appears Adiel has been assisting you with this issue. If you have any further questions, please just let him know and he will gladly assist you with finding a solution.

    Wesley P.

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    Gregory Carriere

    I had this same issue right off when I purchased my Vault 2 a couple years ago.  Changed over to using Windows Media Player on my PC (Windows 10) I then move the album title (click and drag) into a tag editor (MP3Tag) edit the tag’s then move (click and drag) the edited files from the music file in the PC into the proper location in the Vault 2’s Music file using the wired home network.   One can do as many album titles and you want when finished perform a reindex command and then all the new album titles should be in the proper locations with all the tracks and cover art.  Seems to work very well for me anyway.  Also used the same procedure for “ripping” my vinyl collection, I just connected a phono preamp (with a turntable connected to it) that has a USB output on it to one of the USB inputs on my PC, ran that into the PC using VInyl Studio (vinyl record software from England that cost under $50 dollars). Once the file was in the PC I edited it the same way and moved it into the Vault as stated above. Assume that MAC computer users can do the same thing. There are probably other ways to do this but this way seemed to work very well for me, I am not avery big comuter user, not versed on software, networking or gaming, just use my PC for e-mail, shopping, using the internet for my “hobby” forums (like this forum) and looking up any information that I might need and keeping up with my music interest’s.  Hope this will help you and any other Vault owners having the same problem with ripping CD’s.

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