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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Tom

    Ripping to FLAC is so much easier for this very reason... and there is no issue with jitter or quality between the two. 

    That being said;

    1) Nope - we only reference file names and folders in Folder view - everything else is via internal tags

    2) Yes - The files include internal metatags that index the music. WAV files have no official standard (why the invention of FLAC files) but we process our tags in the most common way (Media Monkey and Kid3 use the same standard we do to process tags if you need to edit them).

    3) Yes - change the internal tags and select Settings, Music Library, Reindex Collection and viola!

    If I was you - may be easier (or less work) to delete the unknown albums and just re-rip them...


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    Tom Breakfield

    Yeah, if I had it to do over, I would have chosen FLAC. When I started, I only understood that FLAC was losslessly compressed and wav was not. I was not worried about the decompression or quality differences at all - I made my whole own new or different mistake - thinking that since I was not familiar with FLAC, that WAV would be more "standard" and more readable later after I had ripped everything off and copied the files to other storage formats.

    I just didn't realize FLAC was pretty standard. Now I don't know that I want to mix and match my library. I might convert to FLAC later. I assume that wouldn't be a problem...

    I've been using DISCOGs or whatever that is to get my info, and MP3TAG to do the tagging, it isn't too difficult - I just wasn't sure if having the folder layout still "unknown" was a problem or not. Changing all of that info is tedious and you make a case for going back, except I have hauled several hundred CD's downstairs and back up and dropped them and re-alphabetized them and so on - It is probably a wash. I definitely won't let it lose its connection and casually rip dozens more CD's without recognizing them again. I don't know how it happened - but I noticed it once and just thought it was an obscure CD or something. Live and learn...

    Thank you for the detailed answer. It was exactly what I was looking for.

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    Dan Gravell

    If I were you I'd change the folder/filenames too... at some point you may need to work with the files outside of a music player and it would be handy to have accurate filenames. Do it early, with minimal metadata, then you don't need to worry about it.

    If you're using MP3Tag check out .

    However, note that typically players (including the Bluesound) identify the music according to the filepaths, so if these are changed you'll need to re-index.

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