iOS App : conflicts between streaming station and incoming SMS notifications




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    Hi Katherine

    If you are using TuneIn built into our BluOS App, in the navigation drawer, to locate your NPR Station, this is unrelated. If you are streaming via AirPlay 2, this may be caused by Apple. Does the verball notification happen on teh Player itself. If it does you are AirPlaying. 

    If you are still having issues, please select Help Send Support Request so we may see your Player Log File...

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    correct, I am using the BluOS app, find stations, local NPR station. Not airplay. when playing the station via the BluOS app and the Pulse Mini2i, when the iPhone receives an SMS message the playing stops. the same happens when an iCal reminder notification is received on the iPhone. 

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  • Hi Katherine

    The two are completely independent so unsure how this is even possible. Next time it happens, please select Help, Send Support Request so we may review the log file.


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