Seamless multi room my existing stereos?




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    Hi Michael

    Please speak with a Bluesound Authorised Dealer about the NODE 2i at You will require one for each of your setups. The NODE 2i will connect all your premium systems together.


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    Yikes, I'm considering a NAD T758 V3 and a Node 2i. I'm in the same boat, only many more rooms' of equipment. I'm currently using Google Chromecast Audio pucks in each room. As you might know, Google has stopped selling the pucks and I'm nervous about the service. Can't Bluesound jump in with a solution. Perhaps one Node 2i with "pucks" for the rest of the rooms?

    Although I also have a Google Home and three Minis, they don't sound as good as the rooms with speakers, equipment and pucks. I understand that rooms full of stereo equipment and speakers can be expensive, the world is now full of 4 or 5 generations of stereo gear, I know because I've been through 4 of them. Admittedly I bought well for the time and they still sound good. I know I'm not alone. Think of how many people might throw away a Walkman but NOT a receiver and speakers.

    Come on you guys, there is an opportunity here, but NOT at $500 per room!!


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