Node 2i: An Unexpected Error Occurred




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    Hi Willie

    We have seen this. The good news is your Player should be setup and did complete the process.

    The App however lost connection to it during setup. Kill the App, check your phone or tablet settings and ensure it is on the proper home network you are normally on and relaunch the App. When you open the Player Selection Drawer the Player should be there. You may have some house cleaning to do such as naming the Player in which case it will say 'Needs Setup' but the hard work is done. Just tap on it to finish off.



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    john utell

    Found that you must assign it a personal name for it to work--not optional.  This is not clear in the instructions.

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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi John

    You shouldn't have to but glad to see you resolved it. I have forwarded this to QA for review to see if they can replicate what went wrong in your case and prevent it from happening again in a near future release.

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