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    Hi Jim

    In the Settings, Music Library menu, there is an option to back up your Playlists to a USB Stick. 

    That being said, not sure why you needed to factory reset it twice. Please select Help, Send Support Request and we can help you resolve what ever issue you are seeing.

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    Jim White

    Hi Tony,

    I am attaching a screenshot of my settings window. Could you please instruct me as to where to find the above-mentioned option? I can see where the music library is backed up but I do not see anything involving the playlists. Thanks.

    The resets were performed via instruction of your support staff to fix an issue with making changes to the Shared drive via network.


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  • Hi Jim

    Ooops, my mistake, Back up Playlists is under Settings, Player. Sorry about that...

    Thanks for the feedback regarding the reset, I will look at your case again but it looked like we fixed that via a remote session into your machine to resolve the permissions issue created when dragging and dropping.



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