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    Hi Keith

    Thank you for the feedback. Adding and removing shares is not a daily occurrence - or it shouldn't be... Network shares are designed as 'set and forget'. The vast majority of consumers will create a network share when they initially set up their first Bluesound Player and then never visit it again. 

    If you are constantly adding and removing shares, drop us a note at and tell us "Why?" as you are quite correct in your comment that just having the feature would truly over complicate and confuse the user experience.


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    Keith Peterson

    To add a little more detail to the feature discussion... my goal is not to change what's indexed, it is to have some songs which have clean metadata  (after hours of cleanup) which are indexed, and still be able to access a large volume of other songs which have very bad metadata and which I rarely use. Those files would clutter up my index.

    Playing with this a little further, I see that external USB drive contents are accessed separately, so I may choose to put that rarely used data on a USB drive. I may be testing the file count limits of that feature soon... :-) 

    Thanks for considering my suggestion.



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