NAD T758v3 receiver automatically switches to BluOS everytime I turn it on




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi All

    Just an update on this... We have been able to reproduce it here in our lab and have discovered the root cause. If you place your receiver in stand by without pausing the stream (Spotify, TIDAL, Local Library) in BluOS and then take the amplifier out of stand by using auto sense optical such as turning on your TV, BluOS tries to recover the stream for the initial launch but will time out after about 30 seconds.

    So, please pause playback before powering down the receiver.

    We continue to look into why this is occurring and hope to publish a resolution as quickly as possible.

    Thank you for your continued patience.

  • Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Saket

    We issued BluOS 3.2.10 yesterday which enables the Alexa skill. The issue you are seeing however I am told is included in the "Misc. Bug Fixes" line.

    Please update your NAD T758v3 and see if the problem persists. If it does, please let us know at

  • Jgreenb2


    I can assure you that this problem is still present in 3.2.10 -- at least on my T777v3. Don't know about the OP's T758. This is a truly horrible bug -- it has basically disabled my entire home theater and music setup. Moments after the system is turned and switches to the desired source -- say my satellite provider -- it immediately switches again to BluOS. Worse than that, it begins to actually play music! You have no idea how baffling this is to the other members of the household. 

    I, like the OP, use a universal remote to control the system. That means that a naive user (i.e. anyone in the house but me) will try to stop the music by pressing the pause button on the remote and be further confounded that it has no effect at all. Because, of course, the universal remote thinks it should controlling the satellite box and is sending useless IR codes that the AVR blithely ignores.

    What the #@!% were you guys thinking? And what's the workaround? All I can think of, is to disable BluOS completely. Because your product is acting like a virus in my system!

    Please tell me there is a real fix for this.


  • Hi Saket

    I do apologise, our QA Team is looking into this.


  • Danny D.

    I have a NAD T758 V3 with the same problem.

    It's been driving me mad as well ! I ended up disabling BlueOS from the source list. I will be using BlueOS when there is a fix for that issue.





  • Kapoor Sam

    The problem came back once I started using Spotify via BluOS to play music.  Now again the NAD is automatically switching to BluOS, even though I have Spotify and BluOS apps shut down on my iPhone.  So it appears that 3.2.10 did not fix the issue.

  • Marc Jakobs

    I have the same problem (NAD C388 w/ BluOS 2 & Pulse 2) with the latest firmware. Very annoying!

  • Brian

    I am also having this issue with my T758 v3. What is the status on a fix?

  • We are aware of the issue. Both Teams are looking at the cause and hope to resolve soon in a near future update. Thanks for your patience.

  • Erik-27

    Same problem here with a NAD T758 with BluOS upgrade (software version v3.2.10)

    There is an other very annoying problem with the spotify intergration. When in the spotify app the BluOS / Nad is selected as connected device, and receiver is in stand-by, and select to play on phone the receiver turns on. Even when not connected to the same network. So if this happens when not at home the music starts to play there!

    Is this also a known issue?

  • Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Erik

    This issue was resolved in the release you noted, if you are still seeing it, please e-mail our good friends at and they will help you double check and update the chassis firmware manually.


  • Jon Arnar Olafsson (Gullfaxi)

    Same issue here with T777v3.

    It also seems to be connected somehow to the Spotify app (whether it is on the iPhone or the PC/MacOS). It is currently the only source of music for me at the moment and I'm having this problem. Even if I select in the app "Listening on this phone" and therefore disconnect the connection with BluOS and then change sources on the T777 it changes within a second or so to the BluOS again, both on the T777 and in the Spotify app on the phone (iPhone X) and starts playing music. I've tried playing around with the settings on the T777 but nothing seems to work. 

  • Ron Bierman

    I had the same problem, and now Spotify no longer sees the T758 on my network. Other devices still play Spotify. Off subject, but several months ago I had to drop ROON because it wasn't seeing the NAD receiver.

  • Daniel

    I have the same issue on the t758v3 and it drives me crazy! Every time the amp is turned on even though I press the "1" source a couple of seconds later it automatically changes the source to Bluos and sets spotify to "play" by it self even though spotify was shut down everywhere. Have woken up the kids several time. As blueos fails to index my music library spotify is my only option and this is broken as well. To be honest I'm quite dissapointed in the Blueos software and will return the amp if this isn't fixed asap.

    This problem was reported 1 month ago so what is the status for the fix? 

  • Daniel

    Latest update is not correct! I would be hapy to record and show you that no spotify stream have been running and spotifty is paused. I have even set the amp to a different source after spotify was paused. Then powered off the amp. When the power is turned on the amp, it automatically sets source to blueos and the spotify is set to play! Amazing automation if this was wished for but not very usefull at 9pm with all of the kids sleeping. Happens every time so I would be happy to demonstrate. Best regards Daniel

  • Danny D.

    Hi Tony W.

    Did you try with the CEC/LAN/BluOS IN STANDBY option tuned ON ?

    Because I can assure you even if I pause & close the Spotify app on my phone before turning off the AVR, the problem remains.

    Right now I'm at the office (20 min drive from home) and I can still see my NAD T758 as available device in Spotify, even though the receiver is turned off at home.



    EDIT: Exactly Daniel, it's a bit annoying with a baby sleeping :)
    Also very annoying for the wife who tries to watch TV on another source and AVR randomly switches back to BlueOS / Spotify

  • Erik-27

    My “work around” is set the BluOS to other source (like tuneIn or music from my NAS) after listing to Spotify before turning the AVR off. That seems to avoid the “auto spotify play option”.

    For me the BluOS/CEC in stand-by option must be on or else I get trouble with the sound of my blu-Ray player. But that is an other nice feature of NAD 😤

  • Edwin Bibauw

    Same for me.

    Spotify is paused and when I select an other source, it switch back to BlueOS and play Spotify. Then I put the correct source again and it does it again. I have to do that 3 or 4 times before it stays on the desired source. It’s REEEALLY annoying !! It make me swear a lot :)

    I check for an update every day... I hope that you will find the problem.

  • Hi All

    We are continuing to work on this issue and will publish an update as quickly as possible

    • "Right now I'm at the office (20 min drive from home) and I can still see my NAD T758 as available device in Spotify, even though the receiver is turned off at home."

    Hi Danny - This is a completely unrelated issue and is standard operating procedure by default in Spotify Connect. It remembers devices you have connected to in the past and advertises them regardless of their stat. You can prevent this in the Spotify app's settings to show only local sources. 

  • Danny D.
    • Hi Danny - This is a completely unrelated issue and is standard operating procedure by default in Spotify Connect. It remembers devices you have connected to in the past and advertises them regardless of their stat. You can prevent this in the Spotify app's settings to show only local sources.


    Hi Tony, what you say is true when the device is turned ON and the Spotify process is running on it.

    IE, I just did this experiment: I'm currently at the office, I have Spotify running on the following devices: my Android phone with me at work, my girlfriend's iPad at home, my Windows 10 computer at work, My Windows 10 computer at home. I'm looking at my phone an can see all the available devices. As soon as I close the Spotify application on my computer at work, it disappears from the other devices, With my girlfriend at home on the phone, I was able to replicate this with all the devices. As soon as she kills the Spotify app process on the iPad, it disappears from all the other devices instaneously. Same for home computer. The ONLY device that appears randomly at any time of the day on all the devices is the NAD T758 Receiver, even when it is TURNED OFF.

  • Espen Hansen

    I have the same issue on my 388, i have BlueOs 3.2.10. hope you are able to fix the issue soon..........

  • Danny D.



    I dont have that issue when my CEC/LAN/BluOS IN STANDBY option is tuned OFF.

    But with this option OFF, It can take a long time for my AVR to get an IP from the wifi router.

  • Sandor Suta

    I have the same problem on my T777 V3 and makes the AVR for other sources then BlueOS useless which makes my family crazy.

    Looking forward to have this fixed ASAP please :)

    Regards, Sandor

  • Timothy L Steinlein

    Its definitely been painful.    The only solutions I've come across thus far to stop the auto switching back to BluOs is to switch from Spotify to another app before leaving, OR doing a full software update of the BlusOs on the receiver (which I assume just resets it).   The former seems like the best answer thus far.

  • Yes a full software update is overkill. It takes about 1-2 minutes for the auto switching to settle down so your third option is just to wait. Again we are very aware and looking for a solution as quickly as possible.

  • DougAP

    Add me to the list of people experiencing this problem.

    I've been back and forth with support emails and none of the suggestions have resolved the issue.

    The fact this well-known issue has persisted for months, with no resolution, is driving me to the brink of returning my NAD T758v3 and never buying a NAD AVR again.

    Which would be a shame, as it sounds great and I'm a big NAD fan.

  • Joachim Fredriksson


    I have the same issue. I had a bigger issue before that my NAD C338 started play automatically and set the volume at -200 from standby or whenever. It started play music I dont even know. I had it connected to Chromecast and my Tidal-account.

    NAD in Denmark gave me a replace-unit and I thought it was fixed.

    But now I still have issue.

    I HAVE turned the auto-setting for "autosense" turned OFF! But every time my chromecast restarts or if I restart it then my unit turn on in WIFI/BT-mode and set the volume to -200. EVERY time!

    I have even now changed my password to my TIDAL-account so it can not connect to that If it is that it tries.

    This automatically forced "turn on" AND that it force my volume to turn up to -200 is very annoying. I slept first time it turned on by itself and woke up of my speaker shouting with volume. Then NAD replaced the unit and the music has not turned on automatically, but I suspect that is only because I have now changed my password to TIDAL after seeing this behavoir still being present in this form.


    YOU must solve this NAD/bluesound!
    Also set some security confirmation to connecting to bluetooth OR/AND WIFI!
    Now ANYONE CAN connect to the unit if they are near without any security at all. Very unprofessional. A bad neighour could connect when at work and burn you speakers or get you a warning from landlord as music is highest volume all day.


    If you have computer-product you MUST have a physical security confirmation, as on bluetooth-headset for example.

    Solve it! I also love NAD and this was a big investment for me and I am som happy with the sound, but It feels like a very cheap solution this streaming you have installed.

    More security and no auto-turn-on-feature! This is very important to be solved ASAP!


    I also wonder how I can see what update is installed on C338? What I can see it just update auto, I know it has the one that you can turn off bluetooth which i did.

    It is catastrophic that you have bluetooth and wifi without any security at all. I can not even understand that, a little bit chocking to know after your price-segment!

  • Ron Bierman

    Danny D.'s fix of turrning Nad t758v3 standby-mode off works for me. It's an unsatisfactory, hopefully temporary solution. Changing any setting on the receiver is a clumsy adventure and, as Danny said, it may, of course, take longer for functions to execute. 

  • Danny D.

    For me it's simple:
    When the AVR is turned off (put in standby) the Spotify network process should be killed by the AVR's (or BlueOS) operating system. But hey, I'm no software engineer.

  • Ron Bierman

    I was a software engineer, and you are right. I don't think the bug is a high priority for any of the actors.


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