Stop-after-current or "PAUS track"




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    Hi Peter

    Thanks for the feedback as we are always looking at options to improve the experience.

    Why not just turn repeat off and the music will stop once it hits the end of the queue?

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    Peter Lönnebring

    Thank you for the suggestion, but there are a few issues with that approach, at least considering how I use my Bluesound system:

    1. The queue may be long even without repeat (like a long playlist or full albums added to the queue) and I'd like it to pause after the current track (or maybe a few tracks).

    2. I cannot clear the rest of the play queue (as far as I know) without abruptly stopping the currently playing track. Please make the play-queue "trashcan button" clear everything after the current track!

    3. I'd really like to be able to restart the playlist when I get home from work or wakeup; "pause" does this for me, but again, stopping playback mid-track just doesn't sound good. Pausing between tracks would be optimal...

    Again, thank you for the suggestion and for a great music system!


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    Peter, I second your request, for same use. Already asked in the helpdesk forum without any answer. I really missed this option too.


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