Output mode BluOS (android and windows)




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Steve

    Output mode isn't a balance it is channel isolation and used mostly when Stereo Pairing or if you are connected to outdoor speakers that are spread out.

    When you select MONO, you get both L and R out of both speakers. When you select LEFT, you only get the left channel out of both speakers (and conversely RIGHT is right..).

    When I have two PULSE players and I run the Stereo Pairing Wizard I am automatically setting one speaker to LEFT and one to RIGHT.

    I hope that clarifies it for you.

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    Steven Schot

    Loud en clear, just understand it.

    Is it possible to add a balance control into the BleOS software, so even with a high end amplifier without balance control this can be done in the Node 2?

    Looking forward to your news with interest.

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