Bluesound Sub with bluesound 2i mini




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hello Brigitte

    You are correct, please speak to your local Bluesound Dealer in Germany about the Bluesound RT100 to connect your PULSE SUB to a PULSE MINI 2i wirelessly using the USB Port on the back.


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    Coleman Rogers

    Hi, I just got a system like this up and running. A Pulse Mini 2i with a Pulse Sub using the RT100 in between. The RT100 is hanging off the USB port of the Pulse Mini and it paired with the Sub with minimal effort. I have a few questions:

    Is there a protocol for firmware updates to the RT100 and Sub? I do not see either one of them directly in the BueOS App. The instructions that came with the sub and the app asked me to find the sub in my WiFi connections, but it never appeared. I have many other Bluesound products connected, so I was surprised that the guide was so incorrect.

    I am considering the purchase of a second Pulse Mini 2i, one each for L and R, with the sub. Will the sub only receive bass info from the channel to which it is attached? I understand that most program has pretty much mono content below 150 Hz or so. Also, are there any recommended settings for this particular setup? In the device settings for the Pulse Mini, I checked the subwoofer through wireless USB box and set the phase to 0 deg, volume to a little above 5 and crossover to 120 Hz. I guess the crossover frequency is the real question, based on the Pulse Mini 2i.

    Thanks for your help. C

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