spotify connect and shuffle issues




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Jodi

    What happens if you select shuffle in the Spotify App. Does that resolve the issue? 

    I am forwarding this to our Quality Assurance team so they can review it and resolve in a future software update if it is in fact a problem with our App.


  • Morten Østby

    This is a general problem when playing through Spotify Connect. If you select Shuffle, it only shuffles through the closest 100 tracks. I've tested this thoroughly, it is always 100.

    There has been a lot of posts on this on the Spotify Community forum way back to 2016, but Spotify themselves has only commented a couple of times that they are looking into it, no more.

    This seems to be a problem with Spotify, and not with the Spotify Connect devices, but as Spotify doesn't seem to prioritize this, it would be very helpful if BlueSound could make an enquiry to Spotify about this too.

    As this limitation is lessening the value of your product, it should be in your interest too to get this fixed.


    Shuffle is working when playing locally on any other device.

    Equipment: NAD M12, MacBook Pro (2014), iPhone 8.

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Thanks Morten

    You are correct as Spotify Connect's end point solution means we only play what is sent to us by the Spotify App. We will pass along your feedback via our internal channels to them as well to hopefully push this along.


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