Where has play from device gone


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    Iain Stewart

    they have banned it. not happy as just bought a new 256gb phone to use for this purpose. see this letter to me from Bluesound. 


    Thank you for getting back to me.

    In order to create a more robust experience through our BluOS system, play from mobile was removed due to security risks on iOS and for the arrival of Airplay 2 to be used alongside our new Gen 2i lineup.

    This has been the case since IOS 12 and Android 8.0.0. The decision to remove this function was not due to Bluesound, but had to be taken out under pressure from Google and Apple.

    In the meantime, this feature will only work wirelessly via Bluetooth, wired (depending on the version of the mobile device) or copy the music to a USB stick and then continue to control it via the Bluesound APP.

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