Cannot Get The Shuffle Play to Work With My Playlists


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    Gregory Carriere

    As usual a member (Jon P.) BS Support Staff called me and explained how to play a Playlist is Shuffle mode with an IPAD.  Thought I would list those steps in case anyone else has the same issue..."Pilot" Error......LOL

    1.Turn on the IPAD and open the BS Application.

    2. Select the Playlist of choice and click on Play All

    3. Click on the Crossed Arrows at the bottom right of the screen. The Crossed Arrows should turn Blue and will see the Playlist get "Shuffled".

    As it turned out I was clicking on thr Crossed Arrows before I open the playlist and clicked on Play All......."Pilot" error...LOL

    Again thanks to the BS Support Staff...they are always there when needed......some of us need "it" more than others....LOL


    thanks again Support Staff  (Jon P.)


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