No Spotify on BluOS 3.0.0




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    Hi Adrian

    Spotify can not be added in the More Music menu. Once you select a Bluesound Player using the Spotify App's Connect button, that player will receive the Spotify short cut in the Navigation Drawer.

    If you have multiple Players in your home, the Spotify Icon only shows on Players that have used Spotify Connect in the past.

    So if I have a player in the Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom and use Spotify Connect in the Living Room, the icon only shows when Living Room is selected in the BluOS App. To have it show in the Kitchen, you have, at some point, choose Kitchen from Spotify Connect.

    I hope that explains it...


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    >>I hope that explains it...

    well sort of....I only have one player btw and thanks for the prompt reply.

    >>>Spotify can not be added in the More Music menu

    My point was that you _could_ previously add to.  I have a work around, so no big deal.

    This is was is _used_ to look like:

    So I am failing to see the logic of removing it and it raises concerns about the direction of the development of the app.



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  • Hi Adiran

    Spotify use in BluOS is completely driven by the Spotify App. Using the Spotify connect will generate the icon. Entering More Music and disconnecting will remove the icon. 

    If the problem persists, please select Help, Send Support Request and we can review the log file of the Player and see if something odd is happening.




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