Indexing stops after only 4000 songs (Node 2)




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    Jade L.
    Sr. Support Crew Member

    Hi Andreas,

    If you haven't already, please read over the support article I have linked below. This should help you understand what could be causing your index to fail and provide you with some steps to help resolve that issue.


  • Pasi

    I am new owner of node2i and have exatly same issue.

    Indexing fails with broken pipe everytime after about 4000 files and usually before that.

    That link what they keep posting idexing with http request and more logging does not do any better.

    Fails everytime and there is nothing wrong with my files or metadata tags. All my other apps and servers are fully satisfied with my files and library.

    I have fine tuned my Samba server to set keep alives but doesnt help. And also SMB2 or SMB3 forced  no help. I can see Node2 mount with SMB3_00 so it should be fine, but no.

    I just hope that there was nfs mount option, it works much better with Linux based systems!

  • Andreas Schüldt

    Hi Pasi, I'm sad to hear that this issue is not sorted even in the improved version and all firmware updates since then. How hard can it be for the code to skip one file if it's corrupt or have the wrong metadata? I suspect it is still a hardware issue and that the reason bluesound ignores us is because there's no fix.

    My temporary solution is that I have created a new folder with 4000 songs I listen to more often - but it's not a satisfying solution.

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    HI Pasi

    If your index crashes and stops, it is hitting a corrupted file. The above posted KB Article is designed to help you locate that corrupted file. Remove that file and the index will complete.

    If problem persists, please send our Support Crew the log by selecting Help, Send Support Request in the App.

  • Pasi

    I have played around with this:

    removed all folders where it was showing in log file broken pipe. And it always happens when indexing gets around 3500 files, never over 4000.

    Jul 12 12:37:32 (none) ./ main::__ANON__ ./ (1376) Scanning file /var/mnt/ DC/Rock Or Bust/11 - Emission Control.mp3
    Jul 12 12:37:34 (none) dspout: [warning] stream recovery: Broken pipe (count=26)
    Jul 12 12:37:34 (none) user.err ./ main::__ANON__ ./ (1397) reindex failed

    I ended up moving about 1600 files to other folder. Then I mounted that share and removed original share and did rebuild index. All was indexed without issues. So there is nothing wrong with files.

    Then I moved everything back to original share and mounted that and removed temporary and again indexing is failing after 3500 files!

    And support request sent from app, but no answer other than automatic message.

  • Andreas Schüldt

    Bad programming on underdimensioned hardware is the true reason! Both Squeezebox and Google Music still index the same 55.000 files folder without any problems...

  • elky

    Trying again after giving up indexing my music collection two years ago...  looks like nothing has changed and nothing has been fixed.  :( 


    This device is not fit for purpose.

  • Alain DW

    I must disagree, I have a relatively modest collection of +10 000 tracks, flac and mp3, and re-indexing on my nas takes under a minute (over wifi no less). Rebuilding completely maybe 5, I never timed this.

    All files have been individually tagged using mp3tag and/or quod libet.

    Album art is limited to 600x600 max and I noticed that larger art seems to slow down the process.

    So I would suggest you meticulously scrutinize your files.

  • elky

    Bluesound offers no useful way to identify which file(s) of those 10,000+ files is causing the whole index process to fail.

    As OP also said, other music systems don't have the same issues, so there's really no way to figure out what the problem is and therefore how to successfully load the rest of your music collection.

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Elky

    Reindex your collection. If it fails again, in the Bluesound App, please select Help, Send Support Request and our Support Crew will be happy to assist.


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