Artists showing up with "The" in front




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    Adiel R. - Support Crew Member

    Hello Sten,

    You may be the experiencing these issues with the folders where these songs are located and will have to update it from there.

    If you have completed these steps as well please ensure you do a Rebuild Index. This can be found under Settings > Music Library > Rebuild Index.

    If you continue to have issues please contact us at and we will gladly help. Please provide some more information with the files you are experiencing issues with so we can further look into it for you. 

  • Sten Larsson

    Hello Adiel, 

    I have done "Rebuild Index" and "Erase Index" many times (guessing the actual names of the options as my Windows player shows them in Swedish).

    I am emailing files and screen shots, hope there is no limit in size on your mail server.


  • Sten Larsson

    Issue now solved. Thanks for the help!


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