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    Wesley P.

    Hello Robb,

    To answer your questions the Vault is designed as an always on always ready device. This means as long as your Vault is connected to your network, the library located on the Vault will be accessible to other devices. 

    Unfortunately I am not too familiar with how Sonos handles their sharing and library management but with that being said the Vault 2 uses the SMB sharing protocol to share its library to other devices on the network. So long as your Sonos players are compatible with SMB sharing, you should be able to access your library on the Vault. 

    As for the digital outputs of the Vault, to have digital output from the Vault go to your external DAC you would simply have to connect the Digital Coax of Optical output from the Vault 2 to your DAC. After connecting the 2 devices, please ensure that the volume on your devices are at appropriate levels and that your DAC is set to receive input from the port which the Vault is connected.

    I hope this information helps but if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly at

    Wesley P.
    BluOS Support Crew Analyst

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