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    Wesley P.

    Hello Charles,

    If you are looking to remove an album which you have ripped to your M50.2 you will have to do so from a computer on the same network. I will provide you with an article below which will detail how to access the internal storage of the M50.2. Once you have access to the M50.2's internal storage you can then simply delete the unwanted album from the Music folder.

    Please give this a try and if you have any trouble removing this album, feel free to contact us directly at for further assistance.

    Wesley P.
    BluOS Support Crew Analyst

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    Good morning Wesley,

    While I thank you for your frank answer I am stunned and deeply deeply disappointed in the software and functionality offered on these incredibly expensive and complex products. I know you all are trying really hard.   but what human thought it was even reasonable not to include a delete function? especially when these devices are bulky and can give  a defective rip. Like mine did on new Doors MQA disc!  So Why did no one include an album delete?  Please send me the  instructions so I can do this on a PC I feel like I’m back in the 90s with my stereo and the Internet.  $5k device and cant delete a song....

  • Joseph Lai

    Dear Sir,

    I am using NAD M50 and M52 (HD server)

    I have the same problem after upgraded the BluOS to 3.4.13

    I am NOT able to delete any Sony or Album from my phone ....

    How can a application without a simple delete function???????????????

    Could you please advise what can I do?? 



  • Joseph Lai

    M50 + M52  must connected to same network by wire network cable??  same wifi network is NOT work??

    on same wifi network, I cannot find My M50 :(

    I try using IP address to access the M50, it cannot delete album or sony as well



    There are NO manual to show how to perm. delete a album or song from the M52 vault...

    Please advise :(

    Very disappointed!!!!

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Joseph

    In the App, Select Help, Online Support to be directed to the FAQs of this site directly in the App as this is the manual for the BluOS App and software. As for deleting an album from your M50/M52 combo, it is exactly the same as on a VAULT or NAD M50.2 as documented above. Here is the link again;


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