Vault 2 fail to show up in iOS and BluOS Controller




  • Mike South

    I'm trying to add my Vault 2 to the Apple App and it is not finding it.  Very frustrating.  I need to know how to add the player so I can begin using it.  Any help here is appreciated.


  • Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Mike

    The VAULT is 0 configuration. Please connected a wired Ethernet cable to the VAULT then open The App ensuring your iPad or iPhone is connected to the same network as the VAULT.

  • Calhoun Shane

    Hi Tony,

    I just bought the Vault 2i and I am having the same issues as described above.  

    • The box is connected via an Ethernet cable to an infinity modem in the lower level of the house, it shows it is connected to the network (solid blue LED light) 
    • using my iPhone x, 7, and iPad, under Wi-Fi in settings the name of the Vault does not come up 
    • in Settings under Bluetooth I can see the Vault box (VAULT 2i 50FF BT) and it has been added to my bluetooth devices
    • used several different devices (iPhone 7s, X, iPad and Mac), re-installed/powered off, unplugged the modem, and Vault box - the app (controller) cannot find the player to add to the app controller

    Any suggestions on what else could be done to add this player to the App?

  • Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Shane

    If you are still having issues, drop our support team a note at as they will want more details about your router and network setup.




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