syncronize presets between players and a balance option on the powernode2




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    Hi Marco

    Thanks for the feedback. Presets do not replicate by design. This is because different family members or different rooms would have different preferences for different occasions.

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    Hi Tony

    thanks for the quick reply. I'm a bit confused. That means, that the presets are not saved on the player? So then, they are saved lets say in the app from the mobile device? (you wrote: this is because different family members...etc.)
    but that means if I reset a player and after that, the player ist up and runnig, the presets should there, or not? Cause they are stored in the app.

    maybe I have to read more docs, sorry about that.
    regards Marco

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  • Hi Marco

    Presets are stored on the Player and assigned to individual Players.

    The Presets stored on my POWERNODE in the Living Room (My all time favourite albums), are different than the ones stored on the PULSE FLEX in my En Suite Bathroom (Sports Radio FAN590 to hear last night's Blue Jays or Raptors results) which are again different than the Presets stored on the PULSE 2 in my daughter's bedroom (Indie88).


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