Power off Pulse 2 from control app




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    Hi Gilles

    Thanks for the feedback. Vacation Mode is more designed not as an on/off switch but as a way to conserve energy when not being used for extended times. The PULSE 2 will go into a power save mode when idle after 15 minutes.

    Players coming out of Vacation Mode can have timing issues when restarted and added to groups too quickly. Please wait about 5 minutes before using Players coming out of Vacation Mode if you have multiple Players or have a Local Library stored on a NAS.

    That being said we are always looking to improve the experience. 

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    Rob Pollard

    A way to turn off the PowerNode 2 or at least disable it's controls from an app would be too. Right now I'm always terrified of cleaning it as it has on occasion taken my cloth swipes as actions to play music :)

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