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    Hi Aboulfad

    Yes - we have a notification widget for iOS;


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    Thank you. Although it’s nice to find out there’s a widget, my question was wether there was “native” support integrated with Apple media controls.

    What’s handy with this, is that you can use the phones volume buttons to control volume wo waking the phone and you don’t need to do any other actions as flipping right with a widget. Also Album artwork is displayed. Please take a look at this lock screen screenshot from my Play-Fi app. 

    But I guess if you have a widget, then native media support is not there. At the very least, can we control the volume using the iPhone's volume buttons ?


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  • If you are playing from the iPhone or Spotify Connect, then yes.

    The iPhone's hard volume buttons also can be used to adjust volume.


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    Hi Tony, i dont get it, you say that the iphones hard volume buttons can adjust volume. But how? It just doesnt work on my device???


    I have the Latest IOS, blue OS etc 

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