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    Hi Peter

    High Sierra has made a number of changes with Server Message Blocking, the protocol used for cross platform file sharing in most Windows, Mac and Linux. These are based on scrapping support for legacy 1.0 SMB which has been known to be less secure than v2.0 or higher.

    As a result, the VAULT network share will no longer appear when announced to Macs but only when looked for by the Mac.

    (In Windows, it will not appear at all until you specifically provide the path to it as \\IP-Address\shared or \\Player-Name(.local)\shared)

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    Peter Swanson

    OK - so how do I make the Mac look? Thanks. 

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  • You can browse for it by selecting The Mac itself then Network in Finder. You can also select Go, Connect to server and select cifs://ip-address/shared or cifs://playername.local/shared if you do not know the IP.

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