Where Is The Rebuild INdex Completed Message With The New Desktop Windows APP?




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    Hi Greg

    Progress can be monitored by selecting Settings, Music Library. Reindex Music Collection will be greyed out and replaced with a track counter similar to all our Apps on other platforms.

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    Gregory Carriere

    OK, I performed a Rebuild Index again yesterday and I guess my question is when I start that process I see a "Please wait....."   message pops up....I waited about 2 minutes and did not see any change so I left the room.  Came back a couple hours later and the "page" that has those two commands on it where there looking like they should look before I start the process .  I assume the process completed normally but still do did not see a "completed" message anywhere.  How long does one have to wait for the "Please wait...." message to  disappear and the "counter" start on the page?



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    Tom Breakfield

    I have a similar question. I only have a couple hundred CD's so far - I rebuilt the index and it asked if I was sure, then it seemed to complete the task very quickly. Too quickly. I haven't gotten a pop up message telling me it has finished.

    I don't know if it has finished or not. I don't know if it did anything or not.

    Seems like it should tell us how it is progressing (maybe it did and it was too fast for me to see it) and more importantly - as I think Gregory might have been trying to communicate - I don't get a message telling me that the Vault 2i has completed the process.

    It seems like we should get a "Finished" message box to let us know it has finished. Otherwise we are in limbo, wondering if anything happened, or if it is still in progress or if it is done and we just cannot tell.

    I hope that is understandable and reasonable. Thanks!

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