Is it possible to sort by the "album artist"tag in the Bluesound app?




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    Hi Ege

    When you select Artist view, you are actually getting the Album Artists sort (and compilations appear under Various Artists).

    When you search an Artist though your search results are based on the Artist Tag to locate songs by an Artist on a Compilation album.

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    Paul Marsh

    I, too, am thinking from migrating from Sonos, but need to understand whether or not the way I have used the AlbumArtist tag will be consistent with Bluesound’s approach to indexing.

    The majority of tracks in my large collection have a blank AlbumArtist tag, but In a significant minority of cases I have used the AlbumArtist tag to bring together albums by related artists. For instance, I use the AlbumArtist tag to bring together all my albums by the Grateful Dead, Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia etc so that they all appear under the same index entry. In other words, I am making use of the Sonos way of indexing, which is “index a track under the content of the AlbumArtist tag, but if that tag is blank then index under the content of the Artist tag”.

    Does Bluesound work in the same way?


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  • Hi Paul

    Yes we sort on Album Artist tag first..

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