Feature Request: one-click follow-me.




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    Hi Max

    Thanks for the feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience.

    We have had discussions of easy ways to group from the Widget (Android) or Notification Bar (iOS) to reduce clicks but haven't found one that yet reduces clicks.

    Hardware buttons have two problems... 1) How does one learn that feature exists intuitively and 2) What if you have more than 3 Players, which Player(s) are you adding?

    Keep them coming though as these are nice problems for us to figure out. 

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    Hi Tony,

    The Bluesound team have found so many great solutions and your products are the proof so I won't pretend to know better and tell you how to solve issues I haven't spent more than 15 min thinking about.

    Why should turning on the sound be any different from turning on the lights when you enter a room? I'll give that one to you for free for your next ad campaign :)


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