Using VAULT2 as a NAS




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    Hi Recreative

    Bluesound does not support DLNA. If you can create a Windows Share to your Yamaha, you can connect that way.

    Have you considered a NODE for multiroom playback?

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    Keith Ewing

    I own the powernode 2i (driving a pair of entry-level-audiophile Paradigm speakers), the Vault2i and a Pulse Mini 2i (which really sounds terrible, I must say, it's relegated to the basement). I stream via Deezer Hi-Fi but I'm one of the beta-testers for Qobuz USA and foresee moving exclusively to Qobuz for a richer experience. Meanwhile, I am unhappy with the BluOs overlay not being transparent to the various music streaming services, Qobuz included - it's a buzz kill the way it can't provide metadata, etc. Qobuz support recommended Roon and I'm intrigued and further encourged to know that Bluesound now supports Roon or vice versa. Being new to this idea of a Roon-Qobuz-Bluesound system, I have perhaps a dumb question: Can I use the Vault 2i as the Roon so-called "core?" (I'd rather not buy a Roon Nucleus or use my laptop or otherwise buy more stuff). Please advise, thanks.

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  • Hi Keith

    The VAULT is not a ROON Core.

    Please have Benoit at QoBuz reach out to us. We would be happy to work with them to update our API. 


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