Pulse and Node (Gen1) constantly dropping from Bluesound client




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    Brandon C.

    Hi Nick,

    Please ensure that you are on the most recent firmware for the Router and try setting up DHCP reservations for the Players on the Router.

    Please try adjusting the settings in your router :

    LAN -> IPTV: Enable multicast routing (IGMP Proxy) : Enabled
    LAN -> IPTV: Enable efficient multicast forwarding (IGMP Snooping): Enabled
    Wireless -> Professional -> Band 2.4GHz -> Enable IGMP Snooping: Enabled
    Wireless -> Professional -> Band 2.4GHz -> Multicast Rate(Mbps): OFDM 12

    If you require any further support please send us an email at support@bluesound.com or use the Send Support Request option in the App by going to Help.>Send Support Request. 

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    I had a similar problem. I have two pulses (gen1) and a node and some kept dropping out an reappearing. I have an Apple Airport Extreme as router and use an Airport Express as a range extender. When I recently went to upgrade the firmware on both, I noticed that two of the Bluesound devices were connect to the Airport Express and one to the Airport Extreme. I discontinued using the Express and things appear a lot more stable.

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    Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for the above it worked an absolute treat, as soon as the router had applied changes both devices popped up as available and have been ever since. 


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