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    Brandon C.

    Hi Bob,

    To create a Playlist all you need to do is have the songs you want in your Playlist in your Play Queue, to do this Play the songs you want in the Playlist.

    Once the Songs have been Played they are automatically added to the Playlist.

    if you are using the Android or IOS App tap on the 3 lines beside the House icon in the Top right of the App.

    This is the Play Queue.

    Tap on the Save icon in the bottom right of the screen beside the trash icon.

    Name your Playlist and click Save.

    If you want to add individual songs to the Playlist in the Future you can select the context menu beside that track and select Add to Playlist.

    Please see this article & Video for a demonstration : 

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    Chris Canelake

    Your link appears to be broken. 

    Also - - - Sort of a WTF here... Is there something on your support page about how to create and manage playlists?? Buried somewhere? 

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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Chris

    Sorry About that we have been upgrading our Consumer Support Page and admittedly some links unfortuantely were moved. Here's an updated link;



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