Vault Export saved files to iTunes




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    Brandon C.

    Hi There,

    You can definitely use the music files on the Vault 2 with another device.
    The music is by default ripped into FLAC, and should work on most all music players. 

    For accessing the Music folder on the Vault from your MAC computer please see this article ;

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    Michael Coodrington

    I have recently purchased a Vault 2.

    I would like to transfer the files to a Win7 PC in order to make CDs for my car.

    I am using a virtual machine to access the Vault. In it I have configured file sharing as per your instructions, and set up a share in the vault. However, the Vault does not appear as a node on my network (I can browse to the Vault with either the host or virtual machine). Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Richard L.

    I want to do the same thing as OP, but I definitely ripped all my files into WAV only.  How can export my whole library into itunes?

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