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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Petter

    MQA has a list of their partners including content resellers here;

    Hope this helps...

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    Petter Abrahamsen


    I found one album at Higresaudio made by 2L.

    Tidal doesn't offer MQA yet. I hope they will soon. 

    There is nothing on the 7digitals or Warners sites that I could find.

    There are 20 albums on the Onkyo site. All made by 2L?

    So it seems to boil down to the 2L catalog at the moment. I'm Norwegian so I should probably feel proud but that is a little limited...


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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Nothing wrong with Nordic Pride..

    We have had our consumers who we work with here at the BSC tell us they have purchased items from 7 Digital. I am looking at the Canadian 7 Digital site and see very very limited selections but have heard they continue to expand their offerings...

    If we don't want MQA to go the way of Beta, SACD or HD-DVD, lets all keep up demand for it. 

    Drop Warner and 7 Digital support teams the same question.

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