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    Hi Poul,

    Thank you very much for your feedback, it is honestly very much appreciated.

    We are always developing the app, continuing to expand on the features and deliver a customized listening experience to those who are living with us in our HiFi Family.

    Please understand that no version of the App is the final version and we are always working to improve the experience based on customer feedback. The App itself is always being worked on and updated.

    Please rest assured that we will be taking this purposed request and will be forwarding this request to our QA Team as well as the BluOS Development Lab for review.

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    Peter Raijer

    Well.... I have teh same question since I am an (ex) Sonos user that has that functionality for a long time.
    Because I see this response is from September 2016, can i ask if it has been solved, because I cannot find teh feature still.


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