'Connection reset by peer' -- Playback pauses semirandomly




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    Seppi Evans

    This sort of error is when the “service” disconnects you, could be a number of reasons such as overload of their servers or just a timeout that’s a bit random if they can’t see you doing anything. Of course it could also be caused by a local networking / Router issue.

    Why not try the free Radio Paradise FLAC or MQA streams and see if you still get the issue, also free trial subscriptions can be got from any of the streaming services….

  • Yannick

    Thank you for your reply, Seppi. Having exhausted all my free trials some time ago while shopping around for the best streaming service, I have signed back up for two services, IDAGIO and Qobuz, for a month with the hope that we can get to the bottom of this. Neither IDAGIO nor Qobuz are exhibiting this behaviour, so it is limited to Presto Music. Also, the native app for Presto Music doesn't have any similar playback issues, so I tend to believe the problem to lie somewhere in the Presto Music integration with BluOS.

    I would be grateful if someone at Bluesound could follow the below steps to replicate the error:

    1) Begin playback of a track from Presto Music.
    2) Pause playback partway through a track.
    3) Wait approximately one hour (this timeframe is being generous, but ensures the disconnect takes place).
    4) Resume playback of the track.
    5) Within 30-60 seconds, playback will be interrupted with the error message in BluOS about the connection being reset by the peer.

    I am able to replicate this error without fail by following the above steps. I'd be grateful if someone could look into this further.

    P.S. Without meaning any disrespect to you, Seppi, I do not consider the question 'Answered' and would like further investigation before the question is tagged as such, please.

  • Seppi Evans

    Yannick, I am just a user as this is a community forum with Bluesound users helping each other out, Bluesound staff do read all the posts but not necessarily comment.

  • Yannick

    Thanks, Seppi, for the clarification, and my apologies for the misunderstanding. I had assumed you must have been affiliated with Bluesound given that your reply was marked as 'Official Comment' and the post had been marked as 'Answered'. I will follow your suggestion of sending a support request through the app, thank you.


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